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Friday, January 1, 2010


For Christmas Parker got Hermit Crabs and to say he has been thrilled is an understatement. Today he decided to set up an ocean recreation scene for them to feel more at home. We have boats, whales, sharks, even a pirate and there are 4 live hermit crabs in there as well! Santa brought 2 that he named Gregory and Jerry. We then went to the petstore to get 2 more he creatively named Tiny and Biggie. Hopefully these things are hardy and can survive a whole lot of loving, because they're getting it.


  1. How cute - I love how creative little kiddos are!!!

  2. Oh that is what I should get Katie my animal lover for her birthday! She wants a guinea pig/hamster but with us having to move again I don't want any more pets right now, but hermit crabs seem hardy enough and easy enough to move.....

  3. I am so happy you have a blog :)
    It's awesome, so Now, I have to go get caught up on mine...ughhh.... :)

  4. They are super easy! I am really pleased, I've debated this since last spring and am happy we did it for him.