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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey look, there's my toilet by the front door! and this is Cooper today, not wanting to stop for a minute so I can snap his picture.

Today I took him in for his 3yr well visit. Granted he turned 3 back in September but there was no way I was bringing him to the doctors office healthy during the swine flu hysteria that was going on.

He weighed in at a modest 45lbs and is 41inches tall. The doctor confirmed that he is indeed just big, not overweight or unhealthy.

It turns out he has Adenoid Hypertrophy which is basically big adenoids. It is why he breathes hard, has a horse voice, nasel drainage, cough, and allergies. For now we are going to try and treat it with a prescription nose spray. The adenoids usually shrink over time so this should clear up on it's own but if not, he'll have to get them removed.

He didn't do awesome on the vision screen but he didn't fail it either, so we just need to keep an eye out for squinting. He's doingwell on all the other things. She asked if he was starting to count and understand shapes for example when he's had shapes and colors down for a year now and is counting to 100. He also heard her questions and proceeded to sing her the ABC's. He cried after his shots and said he needed to see the doctor.

The kind of bad news is she is very concerned about his toe walking. She said his feet are pointing even when he is not walking and that his calf muscles are bigger then normal and not just from being strong, but in a concerning way. So, we have to see a neurologist. I'm waiting for a callback on when.

We just did the pox vax finally and his Hep A booster. He has yet to do the MMR, we'll do it in the summer before he starts preschool.

After we went to McDonald's and the car wash since he was so good! Hoping to get a nap out of him today from all the excitment.


  1. Does Coop like the car wash, too? Nicholas is always asking me to go. (I tell him to ask Daddy...I hate the car wash, freaks me out!) And YEAH for a good check up. Hopefully his toe walking is nothing.

  2. He loves it, it's a total treat to go for him. He got a toy one for Christmas that he loves as well, even though I thought it was kind of crappy. I'm laughing they freak you out.