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Friday, January 22, 2010


Today's picture is Parker before school, because today was report card day!

He did really good! Got the standard joy to have in the class. He received S's & P's (secure and progressing as expected) in everything but "Listens to a story or poem" and"Retells stories or events". He also needs to work on sorting. Scores were low for participating in class activities and listens and follows directions the first time. He recognizes 13 of the 26 sight words which is on the low end of the class, but I think is awesome for being considered 2yrs cognitively impaired! His letters, numbers, writing are great. What is really interesting about his report card is it backs up everything his developmental pediatrician was saying in regards to why he feels Parker needs an aid next year for at least part of the day and that is with no discussion with the teacher that completed it. Hopefully this will work to our advantage. It's clearer to me what he was saying that we need to worry about Parker socially at this point more then academically because that is what will not happen on it's own.

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