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Friday, January 8, 2010


First snow day of the year today! I'm not sure how much we got but it really doesn't look THAT bad from the kitchen table. With all the backroads we have though, it was no surprise. Especially since I had the house all clean yesterday! That didn't last long.

My picture today is of Parker playing Play Station 2 this morning. You see, Parker was never a video game kid and because of his autism, it's something we purposely avoided anyways. With all the money, time, and efforts we've done over the past years to get him more into our world, it just never made sense to encourage this type of thing. Over Christmas break we finally decided to break out the PS2 that had been packed up since we moved almost 4 yrs ago! He is just loving the racing games and I'm happy to say that he plays for about 20-30minutes then announces he's done and goes back to his regular activities of toys and drawing. I would LOVE to beable to get a Wii one day, but must say I'm loving the price of used PS2 games. Much more in our budget. John has quite enjoyed breaking out the Nascar games as well, it's been a great winter activity and I'm sure will lose it's thrill a bit by the time spring gets here and we're back to being outside more.

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