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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Book Review:The Art of Racing In The Rain

I feel like I'm just knocking the books out this year. I don't usually read at such a feverish pace but I think it's due to being inside and no money to go anywhere. I've been reading while the boys play instead of going on the computer. I spend less money that way.

This book is told from the dogs perspective, which did not appeal to me at all, but I am a sucker for good reviews and hype. The dog, Enzo, is freaking funny and the story itself is a little sad, but very enduring. It basically revolves around the dog, his owner, and the owners life as starts a family and pursues a racing career.

Maybe I am humored easily lately, but like this cracked me up:

" Monkeys have thumbs.

Practically the dumbest species on the planet, next to the duck-billed platyplus, who make their dens underwater even though they breathe the air. The platypus is horribly stupid, but is only sllightly dumber than a monkey. Yet monkeys have thumbs. Those monkey-thumbs were meant for dogs. Give me my thumbs, you fucking monkeys!"

I fell in love with this narrator dog and his owner and even teared up once. Very sweet book.

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