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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Developmental Pediatrician appointment today

Bare with me if this gets long. This is more one of those posts for me.

We saw Parker's doctor today to get some guidance on what to do with him next year. Right now the school seems to be recommending all inclusion with a little resource pull out. I was a little surprised, but Parker's doctor feels he needs an aid for at least part of the day but thinks we should start out asking for one all day. When he asked if Parker would do things when asked as a class, or on first prompt, or when sitting in a group, the answer was no, not always. His doctor feels this is why he needs an aid or he is just going to remain on the outside of the classroom. That is exactly what we do not want. I can see that happening and being important, just not sure if the school will. I asked him why we want to mainstream as opposed to putting him in the CI classroom and he said it's because you always want to model up and he has the possibility to do just that.

His recommendations aside the above:
We really need to work on the "why" issue. Parker is on the verge of understanding "why" but he never asks "why". Sounds simple to most other parents but this is a big difference between him and his peers and a major defining characteristic by Kindergarden.

He said also that the school is going to push the importance of academics and we need to worry just as much if not MORE about the social. The academics is going to happen regardless, the social will not without work.

He is on the verge from going to High Functioning Autism to PDD-NOS within the next 1-2yrs. Not completly clear on this statement yet, but it was presented as a good thing.

Next up is his 3year reevaluation at school that will tell us where they fill he is at across the board. He will continue to be observed by the Teacher Consultant for children with ASD. Recommendations will be given based on those 2 things, his current teachers, then what our Dev. Ped. said, and we will meet for an IEP review and decision.


  1. Sounds like a very informative visit. It also sounds like your county has good resources for school age kids. Good luck!

  2. Good luck hun, I'm praying he continues to do well!!!!