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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Decade, New Blog

Happy New Year! Boy am I glad for one. Along with the new year, new decade, I've decided it's time for a new blog.

So, so long 2009 and the good and bad it brought...

- kids, husband, parents made it through another year healthy
- Parker successfully mainstreamed, his CI has gotten smaller, and he is talking more then ever. Cooper is talking, potty training, and shows all signs of being typical!
- made it through a year in Michigan holding on to our house that we love dearly
- old friendships were cemented and new ones were made, it's just been wonderful!
- wonderful day trips and vacations as a family to Kalahari in Ohio, Chicago, and several day beach trips and even a solo trip to meet some friends in Texas

- 2009 will forever be marked by the death of my beloved Grandma. I still miss her just not being there. Even more so is the death of my best friend's baby Aaron at 3months old, one of those things that changed my life forever and I am still trying to heal from
- financially this year was a struggle and we are starting out 2010 in the worst financial position we have ever been in. We are facing no work and no savings.
- my asthma. Still on the steriods daily and still struggling. I can't believe I am still here. Still fat too.

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