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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday - In Summary

1. Cooper opened the freezer yesterday, found a popsicle, then says "Hellooooooooooooooo Gorgeous!".

2. My mom is now on facebook...and doesn't want to be my friend! How cool is that?

3. Parker, my kid that had to goto the hospital to be completly put out for cavities, loves flossing. Go figure.

4. Took Parker today to have sealants put on his teeth put he was able to sit through it and they said he'd have to go the hospital route again and well that's just to much for something not necessary, especially when they said his teeth look great. While this trip would seem not to be a success, to have him not meltdown when they tried to do this is a big big step for him. They also said he tried very hard to do it but just couldn't overcome what was bothering him. I was very proud of him nonetheless. He was thrilled with his reward of the Theodore happy meal toy, completing the boy trio, and lunch at Target, lol.

5. Tomorrow we goto Ann Arbor for his Developmental Pediatrician appt. $200, ugh! Big discussions on wether we should mainstream him next year or not. I am also interested in how to handle his stims and flapping. I do not know if it is something we should just let him do or interfer.

6. Next week is time to get my spring/summer ebay stuff together. I'm going to get a few things from Boden with my sales and just save the rest. I learned last year that summer clothes are such a waste for them. They pretty much live in swimsuits and play stuff since they're all about the dirt and frog hunts.

7. Did my big shop today. For $20 out of pocket:

2 bags combos
2 bags rice cakes
3 hamburger helpers
2 fantastik cleaners
1 Nivea body wash
1 nail polish
1 box of brownies
1 loaf bread
1 bag carrots
1 box spagetti noodles
3 boxes of crackers - Kashi and Special K
1 box Fruit Crisp cereal bars
2 boxes Fruity Pepples
1 box Kashi Cereal
1 box Tyson chicken patties
2 Mr. Bubbles Shower Cleaner refills

So, not to to bad. I've never had hamburger helper. Can't say I'm excited but it's certainly cheap, lol. That was Target, Meijer, and Walgreens.

8. I will not be writing a review for the last book I read because I am for one am embarrassed I read it and two, still am a little stunned at what I read. I would like to say that it is not a "how to" book as the title implies and my dh was probably hoping but an autobiography. Fairly raunchy nonetheless.


  1. Let me say...I love that you're keeping track of the books you've read this year. I'm so stealing this idea. (Just don't judge me when you see that I will probably read and re-read the Twilight series again! lol)

    Oh, and Cooper's comment about the popsicle...LOVE IT! And YEAH for Parker at the dentist! It sounds like even though he didn't get all the work done that he has made progress. Two thumbs up!

    And I hear you on the summer clothes. Nicholas will need shorts and both will need a few nice things, but other than that...swimming trunks and play clothes it is!

  2. Gigi, I am going to reread Twilight this year as well!

    I may have somethings for Erik. I am hoping to have some stuff for you and Rachel.

  3. My Mother in law joined Facebook and sent me a friend request...I ignored it :)