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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Book Review:The Elegance of Hedgehogs by Muriel Barbery

So I decide to take a picture of the books I finish so I could incorporate these posts into the 365 Project. Cheating? I don't care.

This book started out so bad, I wanted to quit it more then once and it definitely took me longer to read then most because I just wasn't into it. About 3/4's through it finally got interesting. Cap that off with an ending that didn't thrill me, well I really don't know wether to recommend this book or not.

It is about an apartment concierge and her relationships, old and new, within the apartment building. Sounds good, no? Couple that with the fact that there was a wait list on paperbackswap and I really had my hopes up. The first half is just so drawn out, wordy, and meatless. I AM glad I stuck with it. Does that equal a thumbs up, I don't know.

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  1. Have you told Susan about this book? Though it doesn't really sound like it's about hedgehogs??