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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This is one of my favorite things to reuse, old pie plates. Of course, the secret is now out I don't make my own crust, but if you thought I did, then you don't know me to well.

A few ways it's handy
- crab leg shells
- holds sidewalk paint
- holds bubbles so the kids can all share the dippage
- throw coin in
- throw crayons/markers in so they don't roll on floor
- use to dip your bread in to make french toast
- hermit crab bathtub
- frisbee
- toy drums
- put your grapes and berries in after being washed
- serve cookies or ham rolls

it's usage is endless! It's a good thing.
**No, I do not interchange these uses. Our hermit crabs are not bathing in the dish we used to make french toast, lol.


  1. Do you use the same one for all those things??
    I hope you wash and santize it after it's been the hermit crabs bath and before it's your french toast bowl!!

  2. lmao, no I don't reuse like that!

  3. Oh Phewwww!! I was getting worried.