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Monday, March 15, 2010


Parker is suddenly into monster trucks. Like REALLY into them. He wanted one from the toy store really bad and knew we were going to the mall Saturday and was hot to trot. We aren't random toy buyers and he was not content with waiting until his birthday or Easter so we decided to have him clean the floors to earn the $5. Truth is, he feeds the dog more then half the time and we never ever remember to givehim his allowance, so he's owed far more then that. Parker is an extremly pokey child and this task was excruitating to oversee. Luckily, this is why I keep John around, to handle all things I deem unpleasant to do and can slide by him into thinking it's his job. It took Parker over a hour, but he got the farking floor swept and his truck.

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  1. That is great! Audree-Ann does chores around the house for extra money but she never actually spends it. LOL Hopefully once summer comes maybe she can spend it on extra ice cream cones. :o)