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Friday, March 26, 2010


1. Cooper installing my new faucet.

2. If you see a headline that reads "3yr old mysteriously turns into hot dog", it's Cooper.
3. Jury duty 1week after my surgery. Good times. Puts off getting a job even longer. I've been called every year since having #2. I don't get it.
4. Parker wants rooster for dinner. WTF.
5. Why is Katherine McPhee in People/US type magazines so much? I don't get it, is she doing something besides exercising that I am unaware of? Her hair looks like shit, btw.
6. Calliou is the devil.
7. Did you know that hot is always on the left, faucet wise? I didn't. This is life changing.
8. Funeral tomorrow for John's aunt. I am starting to wonder if all these funerals is just part of getting older or I am bad luck to those around me.
9. I really hate that bald 4yr old bastard.
10. I am almost done with this farking book.
11. 67 is projected for Good Friday!!! How awesome would it be to get good weather over spring break.
12. 7 next week. SEVEN. SIETE. VII. 3+4. How is that even possible?
13. I was sore last week from holding babies the day before. I think this might be a sign I need to work out.

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