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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Wordy Wednesday

-Spring concert is May 25th and dental surgery July 23rd. No conflicts. Greatful!

- This really sucked, someone turned our freezer off. We lost what was left of the 1/4cow we had purchased last year and our decent stock pile of food. The good news is it wasn't broke like we had feared and we JUST ordered another 1/4cow that is currently being aged at the farm still. That would of been devasting to lose if we had just loaded all that in. Greatful!

- Now to find the culprit who turned said freezer off. We're suspcious it is the same woody wood pecking laugh toothpaste bandit.

- Excited to see Disney's Ocean. Not many movies Parker will go see so it's a treat when one is out he will. Greatful!

- My mom surprised me with this. Greatful!

- I've gotten my mojo back for eating better and moving more. Greatful!

- My $1 Home Depot Easter Lilly is still alive. Greatful!

- It is 900am and Cooper is still sleeping. Greatful for my little lazy ass!

- I got a job! House sitting one night a week. From 830pm to 600am. 5 minutes from home. Basically I show up, read, go online, goto sleep, get $30 for my hardwork. Her son will be asleep, which is my real purpose for being there, but he'll be down before I get there and I'll be gone before he gets up. It just all works out well. Greatful!

- Pink eye is finally gone. Greatful!

- I canceled my dental cleaning for next week and am using the money for highlights. I hope I don't regret this.

- I found these at Kohls for $1.20 for all! Greatful!

- Hung your husbands. Greatful!


  1. 1. Where ya getting your beef and how much is 1/4? Is it "organic"? Looking for a supplier for beef/chicken and maybe even turkey (ground turkey is preferred over beef in my home for some meals). We want free-range, grass-fed, no hormones/antibiotics...ya know, the food snob stuff, LOL!

    2. I can't wait to see Oceans tomorrow either!

    3. Dude your mom rocks, I wish my family would surprise us with some Boden!

    4. Awesome on eating better and moving more...go girl!

    5. Oh, your freezer...check your home insurance to see if you have food spoilage coverage and then tell them your power went out and you lost all your food. ;o) I mean, your power DID go out...haha!

    6. Dude, I wanna housesit for $$$. :o) That's awesome!

  2. Jen, we order through Top Line Farms in Davison. It's processed in Frankenmuth and you pick it up there. It's all grain fed, no hormones, here is their website....We've been really happy and love supporting local as well.

    I'm going to check that out on the home owners, thanks!

  3. Your mom is so awesome! And YUCK thinking about 1/4 of a cow--and even more YUCK thinking of it spoiling!!! ewww...

    That "job" sounds like the best one! Lucky!!:)