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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Wordy Wednesday
1. I've lost my ability to pick up on sarcasm and dead panning from others. It's weird.

2. Jury duty Thursay & Friday. Would it be wrong to hope I don't get called then not tell the daycare I have lined up for the boys and get 2 whole blissful days to myself? I don't think so either.

3. Parker asked me yesterday what comes from humans. I asked what he meant and he said "bones, skin, hair". I said, "OH". He said "what else!". I said, "I don't know"! (I suck at this stuff) He then tells me "poop and pee momma"! Lovely.

4. I'm going to need to start showering or shaving something with all this shaving cream, razors, and body wash I have stockpiled. Also, if you and 50 of your friends start your period at my house, I have you all covered.

5. Oven cleaner, oven cleaner. I keep forgetting. Like for 4 years.

6. John got pink eye in both eyes. The man cannot handle discomfort. Pain he's fine, discomfort, I wish I could just sedate him for the week. Or put a bag over his pitiful head and duct tape over his mouth. He's about as good as taking eye drops as his offspring btw.

7. My tulips were beheaded and I've caught the Austin Casa crime bandit finally.

8. Looking for something cool to do for Mother's Day within 2hrs. John is animaled out but I might make him suck it up and goto the safari drive thru place in Ohio.

9. When did women's sneakers start having shocks in them?

10. Cooper is only eating one thing for meals. If he doesn't want what I'm offering up for lunch or dinner, he gets peanut butter sandwich. So that's what he's had for lunch and dinner for days. Like 5 of them in a row. He will eat nuggets from McDonald's but I'm only doing that once a week. Is this normal? He's not even complaining.

11. I hate my tv remote. It takes me like 5minutes to get the tv on everyday. On a good day.

12. I'm hiding from the Swann's guy right now.

13. I'm thinking of starting a business and calling it "Dana Does That!" (long as she doesn't have to get on her knees). I realized lately that there is a plethora of things I don't do on my knees.