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Friday, April 30, 2010


Book Review:American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

Loved this book. It's on the longer side and I actually didn't get antsy while reading it like I typically would with one of it's size. I do think the last 1/4 of the book isn't as good as the first 3/4's and if I had one other complaint, it's how far into the book you finally are when she becomes first lady. (This is on the back of the book summary, so I'm not giving anything away.) The whole time I'm reading and how it's unfolding, I kept kind of waiting and waiting and that was a little distracting and then there is just this major skip in time which bummed me out a little as well. I guess that is a good book when it's already long and you are still wish there was more to it. I am a little slow on the uptake and probably was further into the book then most when I realized it was based loosely off Laura Bush. I didn't know much about her, so perhaps that is why. The book concentrates more on the relationships in the main characters life as opposed to being all informative on what a first lady or wife of a governor does. I really loved the main character, she is incredibly well written. She fustrated the hell out of me at times and is a much better person then I at times. Or more tolerable of others, but I almost felt like I could learn a thing or two from her in that regard. It was really good, you know, a topic that is a little different, which I always like. Probably my 2nd favorite book I've read this year.

This is totally off the wall but I really liked this quote because I find it so true with some friends I've had.
"...and in a person who entertains us, there is much we forgive."

I also liked this as well and I am trying to figure out if I agree.
"The West Coast,I think, has a similar self-regard--all that talk of proximity to the ocean and the mountains--and a beauty I can't help seeing as show-offy. But the Midwest:It is quietly lovely, not preening with the need to have its attributes remarked on. It is the place I am calmest and most myself."

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