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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We are on spring break this week and it was 80 today so we headed to the Toledo Zoo in Ohio with Grandma. It's just under a 2hr trip one way and was a great day. Naturally, the otters were not swimming for us but we got to see other cool things like a baby giraffe (my favorite of the day), hippos in and out of the water, and lots of cool fish in the aquarium area.

The boys with their Mamma.

I'm not sure what Cooper is doing here, but he was talking to him. The boys loved this goat petting area and now are intent on talking dad into a pet one. I'm all for it.

Parker and a otter (look in the background above his head). That little fucker was not going to jump in the water for us.

Parker painting his face as a mean otter??? WTF?

These pictures remind me of John and I. Naturally, I am the one napping in both while John is up looking for a snack.


  1. LOVE your hippo pics (they're my fave) and the elephant pics are awesome!

  2. Reason #96 to find a way to visit Dana: She calls otters "little F**kers"