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Friday, April 9, 2010


Today we had 40 moms/kids over for the playgroups Easter party and I took 1 stinkin picture. It's a good one though, the biggest pizza I've ever seen and there was 3 of them! Totally awesome day and I can't wait to have another get together this summer with everyone. I think it'd be totally kick ass to have all the kids bring their power wheels, set up the water slide and let them all have at it.


  1. That picture doesn't do it justice, those pizzas are huge! If you have a summer playdate, just make sure you schedule it when I'm in town :)

  2. I thought the same thing Erin, when I saw the picture. I should of took one of the box, lol. Definitely when you're in town, I'm glad you said that!

  3. I'm only coming to town once a month, but I can make a special trip! I won't know anyone there and I'll be in need for adult conversation.

  4. You have to put something in the picture, like your hand, or a dollar bill or something so that you can get the dimension idea.
    We had one of those on Super Bowl Sunday last year, and my MIL was genius to say we needed something for size. Like a ruler or something. They are HUGE!!
    So glad you had a great party!

  5. reason #99 to find a way to visit Dana: Giant pizza