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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Book Review:The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond

This book is about a woman that loses her fiances little girl while they are going for a walk on the beach and the next year of her life following that. I felt like the book was about twice as long as it needed to be. It didn't hold my interest enough to keep me from being extremly tempted to just flip to the end to see what happens and while I didn't, as it turns out I could have and really missed nothing and been satisfied. The topic was hard for me as well, I find myself all paranoid now about turning my back on the boys for a second. The book wasn't worth that anxiety. Not recommended.

I did manage to find a few passages I liked:

This one I think I agree with, with the exception of the last line. I don't feel that way at all.

"We take pictures because we can't accept that everything passes, we can't accept that the repetition of a moment is an impossibility. We wage a monotonous war against our own impending deaths, against time that turns children into that other, lesser species:adults. We take pictures because we know we will forget. We will forget the week, the day, the hour. We will forget when we were happiest. We take pictures out of pride, desire to have the best of ourselves preserved. We fear that we will die and others will not know that we lived."

I love this term "skin memory" instead of calling it a scar.

"No. I got a bad sunburn when I was thirteen. My whole back peeled, except that one spot. It gets darker every year." "Like a skin memory," she says. ..."Your body's way of reminding you how stupid you were. I have one, too."


  1. Was this a true story?? I don't know if I could read that either?? Wanna tell me what happens?? LOL
    I'm serious though.

  2. I will email you, I don't want to post it here! It wasn't a true story though.