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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today was a walkathon at Parker's school and since he is in 2 classes he was going to have to do it twice, so I decided to go get him for lunch and take him to my parents early, since it was Thursday and their day to pick him up after school. We went to Burger King, his choice. Mainly because he is wanting those Marmaduke toys. Then I took him to the Dollar Store and we found lots of fun Toy Story pool toys! He was so excited and this lady actually said to me as she passed by, "boy, he's a talker!". I never thought anyone would ever say that to me about Parker, sometimes I worry so much about how loud he is or his issues with personal space that I need to be reminded that there was a day I would of given anything for him to just talk and we really are doing good with how far he's come! As we left the store he declared it cool and that he loved it. Geez, he acts like we never take him out, lol. It was really nice to spend some along time with him, even if we were doing the simplest of things.

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