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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today was Father's Day! I got John a netbook with money I got from selling some gold. I was worried at first when it came since it was the size of his hand but he's gotten use to it and the cordless mouse helps a lot. I like that mine is still bigger.

Then boys went to a tractor show today with John and his Dad. Yeah that's right, for Father's Day I got the day to myself. Freakin awesome if I do say so myself. What is not awesome is my picture attempts. Obviously I have a shadow issue happening I was unaware of. Then we have John who acts like I shot him with a tranquilizer dart and has absolutly no energy to help me get the boys to cooperate whatsoever and is only capable of sitting there limp. He could also shut his legs a little, I was nervous. Then the boys. If there was benedryl in the house I hadn't already downed for a good time I'd suspect they had be chugging before hand in the bathroom. WTF? Why can't these 3 figure out I will not be giving up on documenting their life and if they'd just smile right away, it'd be over much quicker. I have a dream and that is to one day do 2 photo albums. One of all my red door pics over the years. The other is my pics of all 3 boys over the years and my uncanny ability to snap when all three are looking in different directions. It's my talent.

Oh, and in the background there is an engine John found for his truck. Isn't tha a GREAT spot to leave it?

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