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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ever since I had Parker I've been wanting to go back to the duck farm in my old neighborhood. My friends, brother, and I would walk there all the time and hang out. I have such good memories of the penny candy store, being chased by hundreds of ducks, dangerously playing in the creek that has a strong current. Good times! So, today was finally the day. We headed out with my mom.

After making the hour trek, we pull into an empty parking lot. We quickly notice the store/barn is closed, contrary to the hours posted online.

We go walking back and there are maybe 10 ducks. To the whole place. Long gone are the geese, cats, hen house, heck the charm of it all. It was just depressing. We were there about 5 minutes when 2 older ladies start following us around with a donation jar! They finally decided to sit by the exit with it and wait for us. I had just about enough when I asked them if there was feed for sale outside and they offered to open up the candy store for us, so that was really nice! and yes they got their donation. :p

Like I said, I use "farm" here but I've seen more at the park then this.

After having wanted to do this for so long it was a bit of a let down but we did have a nice time and it was relaxing.

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