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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Parker had to have a physical done this week for his dental work that has to be done at the hospital at the end of the month due to "acute anxiety". I like that, better then "noncompliance, doesn't make me feel like I am quite that bad of a mother.

Anyways, while it certainly sucks we have to go the hospital route for cavities, one area that he has improved massively is going to the doctors itself and for that I am extremly greatful. He passed the eye chart, even after I had to muzzle his brother who was yelling out the answers from the side line, weighed 44.7lbs (less then his brother!), and was 45.5inches tall. He's a little thing. Healthy though and that is what matters! Dental work is July 23rd.

Pictured above is Parker in his "Disney Store" room. His latest obession is Toy Story and he's transforming his room into the movies. My mom bought him the hot wheels toy story buzz loop track, and that is what he is playing with there. He spends hours in his room lately setting up, reenacting scenes, and rearranging. I can't even walk through it, but am just letting it be for now.

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