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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I got such a touching birthday gift this year from my bff. I was surprised since we had quit exchanging gifts a few years ago.

It is called LifeLinks and is a bracelet. It reminds you of your priorities in life and you give them as gifts to honor and celebrate the values in others.
Angie choose 3 life links to start my bracelet out.

Life is a Gift. - Live It! Live our lives like there is no tomorrow. The greatest tragedy is passing through your days without really living them.

Nourish Children. - Parenting. Parenting is the greatest, most difficult job, you may ever have. We all need parents who comfort us, protest us, and inspire us. Being a good parent is sometimes making decisions that are not popular with your children. But, be a good parent, anyway. You will find that your children reward you tenfold.

Solve the Puzzle. - Autism Awareness. Life is a puzzle. Look to your heart for the answer.

It is so cool to know she picked this out personally for me and what is extra nice is I can add any I want at whole sale prices. I really love it. I wish I could get a better picture but am still cameraless here and just have my crappy cell phone to work with.

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