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Wednesday, September 8, 2010



Monday, monday. What a let down. It started raining Sunday night and it just got worse as morning approached. Our 80degree sunny beacy day was not looking good. After a yummy breakfast at Perkins, the boys and I patiently waited in the truck as John packed up camp in the rain. I was holding up hopes it was going to stop, so we headed over to Grand Haven to go downtown. They had a little boutique there with some of my favorite kid clothing brands, which was pretty cool for me! The rain finally stopped so we went to the beach. It was a red flag day, meaning no swimming due to rip currents, so we just hung out, fed the pigeons, and let the boys play alone the shoreline. It turned out to be really nice, we made the best with what we got. We headed home after that, no traffic!!, and prepared for the first day of school that was coming. Overall it was a great trip and the tent camping was not bad at all and super economical, I can see us doing this a few times next summer.

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