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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I think the party was a big success. The night was a blurr for me and now I have after party depression. I got this after Parker's as well, I'm a dork. It's like I have nothing to "work" on now.

My pictures really are not very good at all and I only took a handful at that. Hopefully my parents and others got some good ones and I'll have more to share. Most importantly, Cooper had a great time and felt extra special and loved. He really deserved this, he is an unbelievably sweet child and just good boy. We ended up with 25 kids and at least 20 adults!

Cupcakes and goody bags. Thumbs down to Sam's Club cupcakes, although they did look cute. The frosting was just kind of yucky.

Kids table. Getting the balloons was a nightmare. We were having 40mph winds and I was by myself with the boys. Several just popped from the wind and one was in my eye and hurt like hell. For a few seconds I honestly thought I had lost sight in one eye from a balloon burst.

Grandpa and Grandma Douglas.

I don't have any good pictures of my birthday boy. :( Really hoping my mom got some.

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