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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Parker's teacher called Monday to let us know how he is doing and talk about a concern she is having. She of course started out with the good, he's sweet, funny, smart, well behaved, is doing well with the other kids and the kids are accepting him well (always a dagger to the heart, even though I know the teacher means well by this comment, as a parent it hurts a little because of the reminder our kid is the different one).

The issue being had is with math, how it's taught, and his inability to follow instructions when it's given to the class as a whole. She teaches it on a overhead and he is basically just sitting there, falling further and further behind everyday. With 27 kids in the class, she of course cannot guide him step by step but does feel if she could, he could get the material. We knew this would be an issue and it was discussed with his teachers last year and acommdations were put in his IEP to help. I of course think it's further proof he needs a parapro but I can't see that happening right now. I am scared they are going to want to move him to the CI (cognitively impaired) class and throw at us that is where he tests, even though all his teachers last year, his therapists, and his dev. pediatrician firmly believe it is not where he belongs. So, at this time I am suggesting more resource time and have his math individually taught there. This means more time out of the classroom, but it seems to be the best alternative. I will fight hard for a parapro before I let them pull him from the class.

It is all rather depressing and I've cried a bit. It's hard to have a kid that doesn't fit into either, the special needs class or the mainstream. You don't want to underestimate them but you also don't want to make them hate school and push them when it's something they simply aren't capable of. This is only week 3! I hate to say it's hard, I feel guilty, because I know there is worse to deal with, I have seen worse! How about it sucks, lol.

One funny note, his teacher said a little girl in the class asked how Parker got so smart and everyone is impressed with his knowledge of the ocean, space, and australia, lol.

The other small issue is he's not eating at school. The lunch monitor is concerned. I don't know what to do about this, you can't make the child eat. I am packing things he eats typically. His sensory issues are just in flux from school starting and it's a waiting it out game.


  1. Dana, I'm sorry he's having a hard time. You're a great mom to fight for him the way you do! Emma's having a difficult time in school this year too. She's testing below her grade level and is getting special tutoring two days a week. Its so stressful finding a balance without pushing her into hating school, particularly reading. I hope things get better for you!

  2. I hate to hear Emma is having a hard time Erin! I hope the tutoring helps.