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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Book Review: Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

This was the 2nd time I've read this book. The first time I did, I really didn't get the hype. I think it was one of those books I just skimmed because other things were on my mind but I didn't really realize I was doing it at the time. So, when my book club was mulling this over, I was all for the selection to see what I missed. I liked it a lot this time! I breezed through it, my attention was held, and this is with knowing the ending!

It's about a circus that travels by train and centers around the show vetinarian, the ring leader, and the woman that performs with the animals. There is also a slew of side characters that are quite interesting in themselves and of course the animals as well! If you get the oppurutnity to read this or have been mulling it over, go for it. I'm really looking forward to the movie now.

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