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Monday, December 27, 2010


Christmas Eve...

This year we decided to open family gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. We gave the boys their handheld games we got them and a few other things like books, and we got to open the gifts they got us. They were SO excited to give us the things htey made at school and what Parker bought at this Santa's Workshop, it was my favorite part of the holiday I think. I just loved their little faces and excitement. This is 2 of things things they made.

Parker was super excited to give Cooper his gift. He got him 3 things, lol! A rubber ducky, farm animals, and a pirate hat. So sweet.

On top of all this, John surprised me with a $40 gift card to the movie theatre. Not a big deal to most I know, but things are so tight right now and I guess he got a little tip from someone he did work for and he knew I've been wanting to goto the movies, so he did this. It really made me happy.


  1. WOW! Santa DID come! LOL Maybe we need to start believing in Santa again because our piles looked meager and humble compared to everyone's I've seen this year. LOL Maybe there is something to this Santa business after all! ;o)
    Your boys look like they had a fantastic Christmas!! And I'm still in awe over your big screen TV. You guys are supa blessed!! Keep your chin up're not alone in this struggle.

  2. Thank you Jen!!

    We don't buy throughout the year, so I do go all out at Christmas. 80% of that was paid with swabbucks, credit card rewards, gift cards, etc....I saved them all up!! It worked out really nice. Trught be told though, they most love the peddly stuff from the dollar store and the DS, lol. It's a good lesson that they don't need all that and I took probably several gifts back that they didn't touch and don't remember.