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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Only 4 more posts and my 365 day blog is complete. I am definitely not doing this again next year, but do plan to maintain the blog and can totally see me taking this project on again in a year or two. I am excited to have a years worth of daily posts to print and save, to remember our year.

Today was mellow. The boys watched a lot of tv, I took the tree down, and we just hung. It was nice. It also doesn't give me much to post, so I thought I'd comment on a few toys the boys got for Christmas.

Moon Dough - this is the perfect gift for whom ever you are passive aggressive with and would like to torture. It is cool, it does work, but it grumbles and gets on the floor like no one's business. I'd put it way above moonsand, since it's actually fun to play with, but I will say the 2sets we got are in the closet and I am hoping out of sight out of mind. I didn't throw it all away which makes me a much better then other mother's from what I hear.

Perplexus - I was really excited about this, after the reviews. I thought it'd be something to keep Parker busy, maybe even Cooper, and a little different. Well, I don't know if we have a carbon monoxide leak in our house and are all slow on the uptake, but it's hard. DAMN hard. We haven't even completed one maze yet. Cooper hasn't even touched it, Parker maybe 5 minutes, and I've grabbed it here and there just out of spite because it pisses me off. For $20, I am super attempted to try and tape it back in the box and take it back. But, then my laziness out weights my cheapness any day of the week.

Red Rover - I didn't play this one myself, but John did with Cooper one morning while I slept on and on. He said it sucked. Now, John has never walked away from a kids game in awe of it, tingly with excitement to do it again, but for as bad as Cooper wanted this, he hasn't wanted to touch it since the 1x they played it.

Glow Dome - this is actually pretty the dark. Which for the record is only like 1/2 the day and my kids aren't awake but for a few hours of it. I do recommend it, it just isn't the keep them busy for hours and leave me the hell alone toy I imagined, but then I'm a dreamer.

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