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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Field Trip

Wednesday I got to go on a field trip with Parker's class to the planetarium. I am still recovering. I seriously do not know how these teachers do it at this age. EXHAUSTING is an understatement and one of my kids was a no show, so I only had 4 to watch! While I'm at it, when did buses get some damn bumpy. I'm fairly certain my organs are no longer in the same place they were before that trip. If you are 9months pregnant and ready to have your baby, go sit on the back of a school bus ride, just sayin. Something is sure to come out, be it a plug, water, or baby.

I was happy to go and Parker was thrilled to have me there. The kids first made ice cream, which I thought was pretty cool myself, then went into the plantetarium to watch a show on the planets. I pretty much took this oppurtunity to enjoy the peace and quiet. Back at school was a pizza party, in which Parker doesn't eat, so I popped him some popcorn.

I worry a lot about Parker at school and whenever I go, it's reassuring. The kids are genuinely sweet to him, interact with him, and help him along when it's needed. I cannot say enough how blessed I feel that his teacher has created this enviroment for my child.

Parker and his school bff on the bus!

Makin ice cream...

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