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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Couple Book Recommendations

Read both of the following books for my book club and they were great. 

First up, Sworn To Silence by Linda Castill. 
This is a murder detective type novel.  It centers around the chief of police in a small town with a large Amish population.  The chief happened to be Amish once herself.  The story revolves around a serial murderer.  I loved most everything about this book, the characters are great and well established, it is suspensful, and a smooth easy read.  If there was any complaint, the book is very graphic.  Disturbingly so.  I would still recommend it and my understanding is there are more by this author with the main character in them, that I most definitely want to check out. 

Next up is They're Watching by Gregg Hurwitz.

This was such a good book with so many turns, you will be shocked what is going on all along and you will not see it coming!  It is about a screenwriter who starts recieving mysterious cd's in the mail letting him know he's being watched.  He quickly learns that his every move is being monitored and special instructions start coming in that he most decide wether to comply with or risk the consequence.  It will take you to the very end of the book to learn what is happening, so good!!

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