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Monday, January 11, 2010


This is my sure fire way of potty training your child. Spend a month stockingpiling free wipes from Target by printing coupons daily and driving there bi-weekly, often making trips to multiple Target stores. Whamo Bamo, same week the coupon finally expires and your stash is complete (this isn't all of it), your dear child will decide he's finally ready to go on the potty and wipes are no longer needed.


  1. I did that with baby food and Target coupons. She refused to eat any of it and went right to normal food. I had cupboards full of it to donate.

  2. Awesome stash! Hope you can use them up somehow!

  3. Wipes are good for wiping sticky fingers & faces, keeping in the car for various messes (although they do freeze when it is this FREAKIN' cold...and when you realize you have no other wipes in the house and run out to get them you have to microwave them in order to wipe your kids butt. NOT that *I* would know anything about that). could just send them to me since I have a wee one who still needs me to clean his bum. :)