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Monday, January 18, 2010


Today there was no school so we decided to goto Build a Bear for the first time, since they have Alvin from the Chipmunks. Unfortunatly, it was us and 100 other people that apparently had the same idea and even better, NO Alvin! Parker recovered okay and choose a frog, Cooper a dog. It was fun but to busy to really relax and enjoy, major sensory overload. I did order Alvin online and am going to take him back next month after his next dentist appointment. After BAB we had lunch then went to Gymboree, Gap, Nordstroms, and J&J! Couldn't believe the boys tolerated all that. I was able to score a Jeff Gorden shirt for Parker and a Dale Earnhart shirt for Cooper at Gap for $3 each and the boys love them, so that was really cool. I also accomplished my mission of new underwear for both with my gymbuck and my mom got them swim sets, which was really nice. All in all, a nice day.


  1. Sounds like a fun day. I haven't taken the kids to BAB in a long time, I should take them again!

  2. I love it when my shopping day goes as planned with the kiddo. Sounds like a great day.