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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We have been so sick here. I am still a bit traumized by it all, I do not handle nausea well. At one point I was home alone with the boys and almost passed out before calling my husband. I basically laid on the bathroom floor, in and out of it, until he got home a hour later. Soon he and the boys were sick. We are finally doing better today, enough for the man to goto work and the boy to goto school at least. I am still weak and nauseas, so hopefully that subsides soon.

John was in charge of watching the boys through most of this, so this is what I got to clean up today. Apparently he thought letting them pull out every toy they own was great busy work. It goes on to the left and right of the picture, well all around. I used the oppurtunity to do some weeding out for what I plan to sell this spring in the consignment I do.

Sure hope that was it for the winter because it was a doozie! Seems like we go through this once a year and every year it gets worse and worse, I swear.

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  1. Sorry you guys were sick. We had it too and my stomach is feeling a little funky again today! I love the mess, I swear my house looks like that more often then not!