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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

61/365 & Wordy Wednesday

1. Behold, Parker with a "buzz" cut.

2. Guess what his latest obession is? Guess! You never will. Ready. The word "Disney". Like I said, you just never know what is next.

3. Cooper's bloodwork all came back good, so we now decide on if we want to do PT for the toe walking.

4. I'm having laproscopy surgery on April 13th for a cyst on my ovary. :(

5. What is it about my boobs that makes wires pop out of bras and stab them? It's like they're chronically offensive to the bra or something.

6. Does anyone else have a husband that watches that dorky The Metal Show? These guys are so wedged in the 80's, it's scary.

7. After listening to John's shows in the background like Pawn Shop, American Picker's, said show above, and so on, I've come to the conclusion that a man's laugh is rarely attractive and in fact is quite dorky.

8. Cooper's current favorite show is Calliou. I do not like this little boy and frankly, his parents suck ass. I have never seen two people that have such a tolerance for whining, OMG, tell that kid to shut the heck up. Then, in one episode he has to pee while they're in the car so they simply pull over and let him have at it on the side of the road. That's just lovely to let my boys know they might have this option Mr. Callious dumb butt writer.

9. I am going to a Martini Mixer tonight. I have never had a martini.

10. John has been home with no work. He does have bids going out. Please cross your fingers for us and I'll continue to cross my ankles as well.

1 comment:

  1. Fingers crossed on the work situation.

    I have banned Caillou. I cannot stand the whining. And yeah, I don't think there's much point in there even being parents there. He gets whatever he wants anyway. And he needs hair. Not that I'm offended by baldness, but Evan can't tell the difference between Caillou and Charlie Brown and that's just not acceptable.