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Friday, March 19, 2010


Things I have learned this week include putting a rsvp by date on invitations, not doing the loot bags ahead of time, buying stuff for the loot bags at the same store, and not personalizing them by boy/girl, age, etc...I made things way harder on myself for something so simple! Party tomorrow though and we have 18kids I believe, should be fun!!!

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  1. Oh yeah, no personalization, and no gender. I could've told you that, but I guess it would be too late. It's soo embarassing if you forgot someone, or if someone shows up that didn't RSVP and then you don't have a bag with their name on it.
    I learned that the hard way. (Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but maybe it's nice to know BEFORE hand. Have some extra as back up. )
    Have a great party!! Happy 7th Birthday Mr. P!