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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Party day was a big success! I was so worried about how Parker would handle juggling his friends or opening gifts and doing his thank yous but he did really well. We had about 4 no shows and 1 sick friend but still about 15kids (plus 2 sweet little babies to love on) which was perfect. The best part was coming home to a clean house and a truck full of toys to keep the boys busy all weekend. He got some really cool toys too, from a In My Room Solar System to a dinosaur fossil kit to lots of monster trucks and more. Oh, and that game Operation has been a huge hit. Just wish I knew who got him what. I let John do the gifts and he totally lost control of the situation as predicted. It was quite funny though.

Parker's very sweet moment of the day...Since I brought the cake home yesterday he'd been really hot to trot to get that toy car and flag off there. I lost count of how many times he asked about it. Imemediatly after blowing his candles out as predicted he grabbed both off the cake, but what was sweet is he walked over to Cooper and gave him the flag. Awe!


  1. Aww Happy Birthday Parker! That was so sweet to share with his brother!

  2. I want that In My Room Solar System! LOL It DOES sound cool!!!