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Sunday, March 21, 2010


We got some really neat gifts for Parker's birthday from friends and it clicked I could use pics of him playing with them for my picture of the day here and there and do a little review. Me so clever.

One cool gift he got was this T-Rex Skeleton Excavation Adventure. It's basically a block that they chisel away at "digging" for dinosaur bones. Once they are all collected, the fossils can be assembled to make T Rex and then even painted. The one we received said ages 8 and up but I think age 5 and up would be just fine. It's a little pricey (around $20) for how quickly it goes (1hr) but you are left with the dinosaur bones and I'm thinking it might be fun for me to take it apart again and bury them in the sandbox this summer. He really loved this toy and is was definitely something we didn't have. I would also buy it for another dinosaur lover in a heartbeat.

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