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Monday, April 12, 2010


Each of the boys have a squirrel lovie. It started with Parker and this squirrel my inlaws randomly got him. It was during the time we were forcing him to give up the otter obession and he attached himself to it quick. He says it is Jumpy from Curious George. Cooper has gotten various animals over the years but never took to anything until we were at the zoo last week and he saw a grey squirrel. "Grey" jumpy, which of course my mom bought for him. It is all very sweet and cute, until I see weird things like this.

Then there is this I pass when I'm going to get the mail. I asked Parker and apparently Brown Jumpy is frog hunting.

It is this randomness that cracks me up on a daily basis with kids.

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  1. hahah, that IS funny! How cute, I'm glad you capture it in pics you will never forget the innocence of their childhood!