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Friday, May 14, 2010


Ugh, I've caught what the boys had and have been pretty miserable. I'm trying to soldier on though. Really, I have no choice, so that helps.

What is this you ask? Why, that's the telephone/electrical wires across the street from our house and that little blurb is my kids balloons. That's right, not only did they have to deal with what apparently is incredibly traumitizing, based on their insane breakdowns, of having their balloons blow away, but said balloons kindly decided to wrap themselves in the wires across the street so that everytime my kids are ya know, in our farking front yard, they have to look at them then get sad again and even cry depending on their current mental state. The good times never stop here, let me tell you. Now I'm wondering, how long will they be there? Should I make John go get them somehow? How, I don't know, hot air balloon? Rent a hanglider? Pole Vault? What about the horses, the poor horses have to look at these things above their heads all day now. I'm sure my neighbors are pretty thrilled as well. Oh, and they're Easter balloons, so yeah, that's some bunnys up there on the wire flapping in the wind.

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