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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today was busy busy.

Started out with cold meds, since I'm still sick and there's no rest for the wicked or weary, which means I'm especially screwed.

Then we hit the grocery store and soccer. Here's the kids playing. I'm thinking they're really no into it.

Back home we went. Got the mail and I received this from my friend across the country! I said I needed some Calgon STAT last week and she delivered. Thank you Rachel, I feel so loved. I didn't even know they still made this stuff.

After a quick wardrobe change we headed next door to the neighbor boys 5th birthday party. There was a surprise visitor!

his package...

We were wondering how the boys were going to react but they ended up loving it. It was actually very cool and a great day. The bounce house is there until 800 and they are still over there bouncing. I'm thinking they'll going to sleep good tonight.

Cooper now has big expecatations for his birthday party. Parker didn't even have a friends one until 7 and was fine with that. Ugh, hopefully he forgets, but he's already talking themes.


  1. Uh mah gawd. Was he high? Spiderman, that is...cuz it took a lot of balls (pun intended) to leave the house in that getup. LMBO!

  2. LMAO at his package! You are too funny!