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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I ended up ordering these 6 scents for my spring/summer Scentsy festival of smells. I thought I'd do a little review as I try each one in case others were interested in whats good. Okay, that's a lie. It's filler for this 365 picture blog post project I got going on. Did you know that's the whole year? I'm exhausted!

After sniffing each I determined that the Cucumber Lime I would try first because it was the least of my first impression favorites. I'm one of those people that saves the best part of the food on my plate for last too. Which now I realize as I typed that is probably why I consistantly over eat. hmmm...

Okay, back on track from that life changing aha moment. Oh, wait. First thing I did notice is there is now only 8 little bricks in the package when there use to be 9! Tricky Scentsy, very tricky.

CUCUMBER LIME. It's a nice scent, although my chronic offerer of unwanted opinions husband noted that that combo made no sense whatsoever, it burned pleasantly enough. The issue is it wasn't a strong scent. Unless I was in front of my warmer or left the kitchen for hours then came back, I never smelled it much. I would at least like a melt off (is that the correct phase or did I just coin it?) that spills into my dining and living room area, since these 3 rooms have an open floor space (read, are on top of each other). So, I won't be buying it again for that reason and am okay with the 1 less brick the corporate bastards try to squeeze by me.


  1. You have my favorite scent, Havana Cabana. I love that one!!!

  2. I'm anxious to hear the rest of your reviews...I've been wanting to order some new scents but I am punishing myself and forcing myself to use up all the Body Shop oils I have yet to burn from the past five years. *sigh*. Plus I still have some scentsy from fall/winter...which means cinnamon buns and cupcakes...not exactly a refreshing summer smell...but whatever...LOL. Who can resist cupcakes?!!?