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Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am very fortunate that once a week Cooper gets to spend the day with my parents. It's a nice break for both of us. They have this whole routine they do at the mall that revolves around my parents walking. They walk everyday, a minimum of 10000 steps.

My Mom shot me these pictures today. Not the best but I thought they were cute nonetheless.

Cooper sweat talking Grandpa and Grandma into buying him this hat.

Cooper and my Dad at Rainforest Cafe. Part of their routine is to look at the fish and feed the alligator pennies.

Watch your coin around this one. He insist on having some in his pocket to jingle. My parents use to let him put the money into the slot to get the little stroller car they rent but he now refuses to give it up and of course they let him keep it.

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