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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today was Parker's end of school year concert. Since he's been at this school for so long...
1.5yrs special needs preschool
1 year special needs K
1 year mainstream and special needs K
This was actually my 4th time going, lol. It's exactly the same every year too. I could totally stand in if the gym/music teacher passed out in the middle from the heat. Well almost the same every year, because this is the first time he actually SANG!! I can remember going the first year when he was 4 and nonverbal and trying not to cry as he stood there. The following year at age 5, he was only using 1-2words at a time, still no singing and it was hard to not have sadness. Last year he was talking more, but not stringing together full on sentences. This year his teachers knew he was capable and pushed him. Grandpa Austin came to the AM concert along with myself, John, and Cooper. We were all so impressed with Parker! There was lots of yawns and fidgeting, but he still did great. Turns out, he was bribed! His speech teacher told him if he sings, he'll get a frog book as a reward. THEN, she went far enough to sit in the front row and point at the book if he'd stop singing, lol. So funny and really how amazing that she goes that far out of her way so we could see him actually sing one year. We all took Grandpa out to lunch, then it was back to school for the PM show. Grandma and Grandpa Douglas came to this one along with Cooper and I. Parker wasn't quite as into it, but quite funny since he had a lemon seed in his pocket from lunch that he would not stop playing with. I can only imagine what the audience thought he was playing with.

This is him at the concert, far right in the blue and then with his beloved and amazing speech therapist who we will miss dearly.

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