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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Wordy Wednesday

1. I don't understand the big deal about dead grass from a pool or whatever. It's a sign there was some fun had in that now ugly ass spot. That's a good thing! Embrace the dead grass people.

2. If Cooper doesn't quit asking me if that's his church everytime we pass one, I might have to pick one and just go so I can say yes

3. In the high 80's this week and we weren't putting the air on. That is until last night when John pissed me off so I retaliated by doing it!! No regrets.

4. Ever want so many things that you can't buy right away that you lose track because you just keep moving onto the next then you remember then you move back to that then you forget and move on to something else? Me too.

5. I didn't think the ending of Lost was that bad. Predictable, but I like that Kate and Jack ended up together and Sawyer and Julliet. I'm guessing if I spent oodles of time reading theories and spoilers like so many others did, I'd be more disappointment. Yeah for laziness!

6. How do I get the birds to use the bird bath? Besides holding there heads underwater and yelling at them to swim for me.

7. John is making his own mulch out of sawdust and twigs. I kid you not. It looks as good as it sounds.

8. I am looking for Toy Story 2 cheap cheap cheap. Also a new or nearly new twin mattress deal.

9. We'e decided to have a garage sale this weekend since John's job fell through he was suppose to start. Probably not the best idea being it's a holiday weekend but we've had everything organized were it won't be to much work.

10. Spray sunscreen is da bomb.

11. Jerry died. The crab, not my FIL. Parker named him after my FIL.

12. Mexican and Margarita's to say goodbye to my friend Erin who is moving. I'm glad you'll be coming back monthly for your dentist appointments. Is it bad to hope you have to wear braces the whole year you have left here in Michigan?

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