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Friday, June 11, 2010


There must be something about our yard that makes birds want to get their groove on, because we have more babies! Found this nest in the Japenese Maple right next to our porch. Not sure what kind of bird she is but do you get the impression she doesn't like me? Talk about evil eye.

I'm thinking this is why. This is her babies on Sunday. It had to of been the day they hatched or the day before. Which reminds me, where do the broken eggs go? I didn't see them anywhere.

then's hard to not want to drop something in their mouth when they do that, like a tic tac or something.

Our other nest is still eggs. I did learn from my super smart friends that the mommma is a Kildeer. They have a longer incubation period and those eggs will hatch with the babies being very mobile, able to see, walk, and very active. I keep checking everyday!

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