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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Book Review:MOLOKA'L by Alan Brennert

It's been a while! I actually started 2 other books since my last post but both were just duds that I abanadoned. Too many good books to waste time on bad ones, right?

Moloka'l is a fictional story about a leprosy settlement in Hawaii. It's main character is a 7yr old little girl and the book spans her lifetime. A topic I really had never given a second thought to and I guess I should once again be embarrassed to say I had no idea these are things that happened and were done really not that long ago. I always thought I didn't like history but the more I read and expand my topics, the more I am learning that just isn't the case. This book is fascinating, disturbing, and incredibly sad. I know the book is suppose to touch on the reslinecy of the human spirit but I really just never could get over what is lost for these people and how they continue to lose more then gain, imo, overtime. It was a slower read but worth the time.

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