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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Thursday we had some friends over for the day, Michael and Savannah. Love thse kids. Here are the 4 making cupcakes. John had one later and there was a staple in it!

Thursday afternoon we had another storm rip through here! Exact same time of day and everything. Luckily we got a 10minute warning this time, so I was able to shut all the windows and get the boys to the basement right away. It lasted about 20minutes. We came up to minimal damage, lost another bird feeder, my favorite one that I just in the spring, some siding off the barn, and then some branches and such. I don't know high the winds got but there were some massively huge trees down in the area and we lost power for 24 long ass hours. Now Parker is asking everyone if they have a basement for storms along with when there birthday is, lol. Poor dude freaks if he sees rain clouds now.

Thursday night was long. Luckily we have a portable dvd player so the boys could each watch that and we let them sleep together that night since they couldn't have nightlights. Me, I was stuck with mr. excitment John and my book. Friday I took them to the beach to meet friends (and to bath), and that was the perfect activity to pass time until it was finally back on. We are extremly thankful we didn't lose our freezer of cow and of course were all safe.

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