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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Tuesday after school I had to take Cooper for the dreaded MMR vax. Due at 18months, he's 4 in 2 weeks, it was time. Especially with him starting preschool. I felt fairly comfortable because of his age and weight, but I can't say I still didn't hold my breath. Luckily he's had no reaction whatsoever besides being pissed off at doctors even more, which is a great relief. He is finally protected and that decision is over. Afterwards we did one of his favorite things, goto the shoe store for new sneakers. Grandpa and Grandma Austin gave us a $60 gift certificate for EACH boy, which I think is just a wonderful gift to help us out and am so greatful! This is Coop after his doctors visit and shoe purchase. Oh, he will be 4 Sepember 21st, shoe size, 13.5XW. Bigger hooves then Parker.

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