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Thursday, September 23, 2010


My baby turned 4 this week. I hate 4!! Not the age itself, but what it represents. No toddler, no little one, I love all that. It makes me feel young. I'm a little those days are over, but on the same note I of course know how lucky I am to have age 4 with my guy. It's a blessing I never take for granted.

So, Wednesday night we headed to my parents for dinner, gifts, and cake. My mom got the boys a ton of clothes, I say the boys becaues most of it will fit Parker too! By far Cooper's favorite gift was this McDonald's drive thru. Which each gift he realy looks at it and says "wow!", so different then his brother who plows on to the next and barely looks up. It was fun and also just cool for Cooper to get some attention and time that is brother can often dominate.

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